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All in the name of research I paid a visit to the Spitalfield’s St John to try their legendary bacon sarnie this AM.

The day started with a 7am visit to New Spitalfields market to get a feeling for what’s on offer from a fruit and veg POV (not a lot apart from loads of imported exotics and the most MENTAL forklift drivers you have ever seen! 4°C looks interesting though).  

It seemed fitting to visit the old  Spitalfields in the same morning.  Parked up at the top of Bricklane and grabbed a coffee from Coffee@ – v nice crema and micro foam on the capp – and walked through the current redevelopment of the market – looking a bit too shiny for my liking…

On a restaurant tip all of the those that open for breakfast were empty at 9am (Canteen, S and M, Leon and as we found out later St John – like, no one at all in there) except Giraffe. How? Why??! Its got to be the weirdest, most uninspiring place going – but there go, must be something going for it.

St John Bacon Sarnie

Anyway, the sarnie… Char and I ordered one each and they are huge! The bacon is Gloucester old spot, many, many rashers of it (well, maybe 3 or 4) that had been pleasingly char-grilled.  

The bread looked like a bloomer  – I assume from their own bakery, it had also been on the char-grill – and the ketchup was home made.  Never really get this  – why not give us Heinz?  Same with baked beans – Heinz all the way I say (unless you’re a Mexican or Leon type or place).

Their sauce had good fresh flavour but as very runny, more like a soup than a ketchup.

Apart from that you couldn’t really fault it for the excellence of the bacon inside.

Char couldn’t eat all of hers so the bacon we bought home is going into tonight’s  salad – yumosa!


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