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Menu run through No1 today – up at 6.30 and 2 sittings at 11 and 1pm (although we only did 15 covers).

Today was all about breakfasts – there will be a much more varied menu when we open  -don’t think I explained that very well.  

Think it basically went well although I’m yet to have feedback.  Some food was late and the Bloody Marys were rubbish but I think everything was hot, looked nice and tasted good.

Thanks to all for attending and Ash (http://www.a-mphotography.com) for the excellent pics of the food and proceedings.

the cafe


We turned the our bedroom into Full English for one day.  Michaela had the eggy bread with bacon  – sorry it was sooo late – she’s eating for two bless her.  Charlotte ruled it as front of house.


guest bacon


We had a smoked and a green bacon on today – smoked was most popular by about 3:1


bloody mary with celery


Deb’s Bloody Mary looks nice but apparently it lacked flavour and kick – I don’t like BMs so I’ve got no reference point.  Thankfully little Ben is on hand with his refined buds…


smoked salmon and muffin 


Mmm – really nice, firm smoked salmon with scrambled and muffins.  Won’t be cheap but the quality of the salmon is excellent.


full english breakfast 


The Full English – forgot the vine toms which would have added to the overall effect.  Forgot to butter the toast too…


ulster fry


The Ulster Fry – quickly becoming a favourite – I L.O.V.E farls. But poached eggs are def the hardest of the breakfast staple. You have to watch them like hawks and different eggs from the same batch react completely differently  – some go into lovely tight shapes, the others spread through the poaching water and look awful. 


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flour protein levels Of course, I’m writing that from an Englishman’s POV. No mater, the Ulster fry is everything you love about the Full English fry up with the addition of a great invention – the instant breakfast bread – AKA the farl [wiki→] .

My recipe uses organic plain flour with a lower protein level than bread flour (just look out for the nutrition info on the back – you want something at about 9g per 100 as opposed to bread flour at up to 14g).

The Farl encompasses simplicity perfectly – flour, baking powder, yoghurt, whole milk – mix, form and bake!  No waiting for rising or proving as the baking powder does all the work.

You need a good heavy griddle pan to get the lovely toasty lines but a flat cast iron pan will be just as good.

I went with poached eggs as I’m maxed out on cholesterol   this week already – fried would be more extravagant.  The sausage is Frank Godfrey, so too is the bacon – both really, really good.  The beans are of course Heinz – never will an inferior bean grace the plates of my restaurant whilst my name is over the door!


ulster fry


Ulster Fry

You should really know how to do your sausage and bacon by now – slow and steady wins the race – make sure the heat is low/medium and take your time.  Please respect our porcine friends and find the best sausage and bacon you can – they really do taste better the better time they’ve had in the field.

Poached eggs – with the shell on drop the eggs gently into a shallow, wide pan of simmering water and count to 40.  Remove and set aside.  When you’re ready to go (about 3 mins before the end) crack the eggs very slowly into the water.  The pre-cook should have formed the eggs slightly holding them together better (Copyright Elizabeth David).  Bubble away until the eggs are to your liking – I pick them out of the water with a slotted spoon and check the white with my finger – I don’t like runny white be insist on runny yellow!

Farl – for 1 person 

100 grms plain organic flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

50mls whole milk

30mls yoghurt – good quality, live organic is best

Sift flour and baking soda, combine yog and milk and stir in.  The mixture should be loose but with flour on your hands you should be able to transfer to board and shape roughly with your hands into triangle shape (if making for more than 1 you would form a circle and cut out triangles).

Get your griddle pan up to temperature (low/medium heat), rub with butter and sprinkle with flour. Leave for a few minutes to toast and then drop in your dough.  You only want to turn once so leave it 5 mins (don’t let it burn!) and then flip.

Plate up and don’t let the beans touch the egg! 

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