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Bacon & egg with peashoots on toast

Bacon & egg with peashoots on toast


Finished this with a lovely warm honey, mustard and raspberry vinegar dressing.


Belly of pork with butterbeans

Belly of pork with butterbeans


Stuffed the pork with a light layer of sage, date and lemon and roasted on top of the ribs.  Made a glorious marmitey meat juice sauce. The marrow and ginger jam was too sweet with the stuffing but will be nice with fish maybe as it was v. lemony.


Plum pies with homemade vanilla icecream

Plum pies with homemade vanilla icecream


Free-styled an almond sweet pastry but it backfired on me – never frick about with patisserie! Was way too short and crumbly, couldn’t roll the bugger so had to press it into the mold. The plum filling rocked though – as did the faithful old ice cream recipe.


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Simple English Food.  That’s our aim. But its nice to pretend that its actually a bit harder than that sometimes – we all like to be martyrs to the cause.  

Take brown bread ice cream – a recipe that I wanted on the menu from day one – hours slaving over hot custards and kneading wholemeal doughs until perfectly formed, sweet baby Jesus!

Problem is, its easier than stealing catch phrases from northern comics.

The power of the internet really comes into its own with old English recipes like this.  My final version is an amalgamation of various recipes I found on t’internet with the addition of homemade honey comb.


Brown Bread Ice Cream

Adding the condensed milk to the cream – easy as pie…


The basic ice cream

1 pint good quality double cream

1 400ml can of condensed milk

Half vanilla pod 

Splash of dark booze (single malt works as does good brandy)

Whisk the cream to peaks, stir in the other ingredients and churn.  You can probably just whack it in the freezer too – just stir vigorously after a few hours.


To get the brown bread in the mix I take stale wholemeal bread I’ve baked, blitz for a second or 2 (you want good sized crumbs – maybe 1/4 the size of a Malteser) spread in oven proof dish, add a few good knobs of butter and sprinkle liberally  with sugar and Maldon salt (much more sugar than salt of course). Bake this for about 15 mins at 180° until caramelized and crunchy, cool and stir into the ice cream before churning/freezing.

Add the honey comb to take it one step further – melt sugar and golden syrup until bubbling (don’t take it too far).  Take off the heat and add bicarb soda (about 1/2 teaspoon).  Pour into WELL greased or lined dish and allow to cool.  You should then be able to smash it up into little splinters and slithers and add at the same time as the bread crunch.  

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