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Bacon & egg with peashoots on toast

Bacon & egg with peashoots on toast


Finished this with a lovely warm honey, mustard and raspberry vinegar dressing.


Belly of pork with butterbeans

Belly of pork with butterbeans


Stuffed the pork with a light layer of sage, date and lemon and roasted on top of the ribs.  Made a glorious marmitey meat juice sauce. The marrow and ginger jam was too sweet with the stuffing but will be nice with fish maybe as it was v. lemony.


Plum pies with homemade vanilla icecream

Plum pies with homemade vanilla icecream


Free-styled an almond sweet pastry but it backfired on me – never frick about with patisserie! Was way too short and crumbly, couldn’t roll the bugger so had to press it into the mold. The plum filling rocked though – as did the faithful old ice cream recipe.


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Hi there – you’ve probably ended up here via Google – this is by far the most popular post on our fledgling blog.  Try this chicken and leek recipe out, its great – and let me know how you get on in the comments!  If you’re in London or visiting soon check out our Restaurant in Highbury – Full English will be serving fine English food in our small, local premises – yumosa!  James

This week is all about getting ready for Sunday’s first test run of a short brunch/lunch menu.

A trip to Ikea for essentials, more plates, glasses, jugs, tea lights etc were procured along with a rare visit to Tes*o seeing as its next door and time was ticking.

Chicken and leek pie

Cooked chicken and leek pie with mashed potatoes and pea purée – pic above.  The pastry I’ve developed is really doing it now – very short, crispy, flaky – really happy with it.  Here’s the recipe with my notes from the evenings session;

Chicken and Leek pie – serves 2

2 oz butter

2 oz lard

6 oz plain organic flour

2 Free range chook breasts

1 leek

Basic roux (butter, flour, milk)


Good cheddar

Start with the pastry – freeze the butter and lard together in a block for 1 hour.  Sift flour into large bowl and add a good pinch of salt or two.  Grate frozen butter/lard into bowl and combine with flour using wooden spoon.  Then run tap till as cold as poss. and fill a jug with some water.  Add to the flour in small steps, stir and mix until the dough doesn’t stick to the bowl.  Kneed together for a maximum of 30secs – the aim is to get as little heat as poss. into the pastry.  Cover in wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 mins.

Make basic roux (no measurements, just make enough…)  – fry leek in butter still soft and very slightly turning, add flour and then milk gradually to make roux.  Cook flour out for at least 10 mins. Add mustard and salt to taste and one hand full of good cheddar and walnut sized chicken pieces (2 breasts is very genorous – you can easily lighten the load with more veggies).  Cook for a couple of mins to start the cooking process of the chicken.

Get your pastry out – flour surface and rolling pin well.  Take 2/3s of pastry and roll to about 1.5mm thick. Line your well greased pie dish (I use falcon enamel ware) and press down to get good contact.  With the excess pastry, place your hands over the top of the dish and push down over the edges so the edge acts as a knife and ‘cuts’ the pastry to fit – brush pastry with egg white.

Fill the dish very generously with cheesy chicken filling.  Roll out rest of pastry to 2mm and place on top – repeat the cutting motion and crimp with finger and thumb.  Add any decoration you like and pierce top to let steam out.

Cook at 200° to 20 mins and 180° for 25 mins – place it on a tray cos it will probably ooze filling.

Serve with good mash and pea purée.

We had cider royales to match – good sparkling dry cider and some cassis – yumosa!

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